About Us

How we got started

Originally formed in the late 1920s, the MIT Flying Club (MITFC) was reborn in the Fall of 2005 to provide members the opportunity to meet and interact with others who are interested in aviation.


Executive Board


Akila Saravanan

Akila ('23) is a sophomore majoring in Course 16-ENG and 6-9. She began flying when she was 15 and trained in Piper Warriors. She earned her private and remote pilot licenses at 17 and is currently pursuing her instrument rating. She loves flying because she gets to see the world from a different view!

Michelle Tang
Senior Advisor

Michelle ('21) is a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering (Course 16) and minoring in Astronomy because #makingthingsflyiscool. She started flying this past summer in the Tech Flight Corporation's Cessna 150. She is working towards getting her private pilot license.

Mike Mastrandrea

Mike ('21) is a senior studying Math (Course 18). He holds a private pilot license and flies radio-controlled planes for fun. Mike is currently working on training for his instrument rating.

Tommy Edelman
Vice President of Membership

Tommy ('22) is a Junior studying Aerospace Engineering (Course 16). He is an instrument rated private pilot currently working on his commercial pilots license with a ultimate goal of flying for the Air Force.

John Ped

John ('21) is a senior majoring in Course 16. As a freshman, he took the MIT Flying Club ground school, joined the MIT Flying Club Executive Board as a sophomore, and more recently earned his private pilot license this past summer. Ask him about spin testing the RV-12is!

Christopher Rinard
VP of Operations

Chris(‘23) is a 6-2 Sophmore from Mountain View, California. He holds a Private Pilot license with Instrument Rating and is working on his Commercial Pilots license and has around 230 hours, with ~130 tailwheel time, and has experience in 7ECA, 7/8 GCAA, DA-40, C172, P28, and SR-22T.

Mihir Trivedi

Mihir ('21) is a senior studying EECS (6-2) and will be starting his MEng in February 2021. He started flying C172s in high school out of his home airport, KRHV, in California. He holds a Private Pilot license and is working towards an instrument rating. 

Frank Gonzalez
Freshman Representative

Frank (’23) is a freshman at MIT from Orlando, Fl planning to major in Course 16. He wants to obtain his private license and has dreams of working for either NASA or SpaceX.