MIT Flying Club

MIT Flying Club

Home to Flying Enthusiasts and Pilots in the Greater Boston Area
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The MIT Flying Club’s primary purpose is to motivate, encourage, and facilitate an affordable, hands-on experience in flying.

MIT Flying Club is open to all student aviation enthusiasts in the Cambridge/Boston area. Join us for informal gatherings to discuss all things aviation, attend lectures, fly-outs or simply network.

Why should you join MIT Flying Club?

Are you excited by all things aviation? Then join our mailing list of avid aviators  to meet and share interests.

What we offer

  • Information on exciting aviation activities like fly-outs in the Boston and Massachusetts area
  • Opportunities to network, share and learn about flying
  • Access to navigational and instructional materials, aviation books, headsets, U.S. sectional maps, and airport facility directories
  • Help to explore your flying passion
  • Invitation to hangartalks by career pilots and other aeronautics experts hosted by MITFC